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Transition Pathways

 Implement Ambitious Green Agendas for a New Resilient Economy

Enhance your ambitions and action plans for measured global impact, provided through our extensive experience and in-depth consultation

To support the transition to a resilient future we outline and apply sector and industry pathways towards net-zero emissions, helping our partners navigate the new sustainable economy. We identify key stakeholders in core industries, such as Energy, Industry, Finance, Food and Health and assist members and partners to connect and learn from best practices across the network. We map global trends that will impact the businesses of tomorrow, guiding partners on how to set ambitious goals, enabling them to act on them today.

Only through a collaborative effort of public and private stakeholders can we achieve the ambitious goals outlined in the Paris Agreement. To get to net-zero emissions by 2050, sectoral transitions are essential. To support the transition of the real economy we follow the UN Climate Action Pathways on Energy and Industry.


Those pathways provide a clear vision and practical guidelines of high-impact areas that global efforts will need to focus on to realise the transition of the economy in line with an under-1.5 °C, resilient future. The Pathways and Impact Areas guide our engagements and assists its cross-sector partners to connect and learn from best practices across its network. 

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