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Ambitious Public-Private Partnerships

In recognition of the urgency of the climate crisis, World Climate Network was launched by the World Climate Foundation to bring together influential high-level decision makers from across government, business, finance, philanthropy and civil society for cross-sector collaboration.


The Network serves as a catalyst for the necessary dialogue, partnerships, solutions and investments, aligned with fulfilling the goals of the Paris Agreement and setting the world on track for a sustainable future.


World Climate Network aims to deliver collaborative impact towards achieving agreed global targets, sector transformation and increased individual member ambition and action. The Network is driven by real action through breakthrough innovations, impactful policies and sustainable investments, and focuses on the implementation of the Paris Agreement and a swift transition to the Green Economy. 


As an accredited member of the Marrakech Partnership, the World Climate Foundation supports its members and partners to engage throughout the year and alongside the COP negotiations in light of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. 


About the World Climate Foundation 

The ​World Climate Foundation launched World Climate Network with the aim of catalysing the cross-sectoral collaboration necessary to tackle the climate crisis. Through its collaborative, high-level network, the World Climate Foundation works closely with inspiring leaders from government, business, financial institutions and civil society to build resilience and enable the necessary transformation that addresses both the climate change and biodiversity crises.  


​The World Climate Foundation is pleased to have also developed the World Biodiversity Network and the World Health Network, both of which facilitate multi-sector stakeholder alliances, to commit to impactful financial investments, and the development of ambition loops in tackling the world’s most pressing issues.  

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