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Driving Leadership for a Net-Zero Economy

World Climate Network is a C-level network that spans the globe and includes governments, business, finance and civil society. We offer engagement activities for our members and partners throughout the year. Our activities help our members achieve their aims for a swift transition to a net-zero economy and to contribute to meeting the global goals outlined in the Paris Agreement.


Partnerships & Coalitions

Together with our international stakeholder network, members and partners, we take a market-oriented approach to identify key partnerships, initiatives and coalitions that can provide strategic solutions and further action towards the green economy.

The Network facilitates the building of impactful coalitions in order to develop innovative solutions and policies and spark bold investments in climate.  Going forward, we aim to build on the impactful coalitions we have developed so far. 

Climate Investments for Emerging and Developing Markets 0786.jpg

World Climate Network also includes an unparalleled finance network through the Climate Investment Coalition. The Coalition mobilises commitments for climate investments and reporting while sharing innovative best practices in climate finance. At COP26, it announced US$130 billion from Nordic and UK pension funds to be invested in climate by 2030.

Climate Investment Coalition

Community Engagement

Through structured community engagement with our members and partners gain peer-group learning and networking opportunities to grow and connect.


Regular digital thought leadership sessions and live meetings during major global convenings support our network to debate and access wide-ranging thought leadership and expertise. 

Global Events

Our globally renowned Summits offer participation and opportunities for high-level networking and collaboration. Each Summit provides international cross-sector dialogue and showcasing of best practices on innovation & technology, policies & frameworks and finance & investment. They are linked to the relevant major UN and global convenings on climate change and related topics. 

World Climate Summit

Now coming up in its 15th edition, World Climate Summit has proven to be one of the most significant side events at COP. World Climate Summit is an integral part of our 2024 roadmap, offering a solutions-focused platform convening asset owners, asset managers, businesses and governments to work across sectors, in developing investable markets and climate solutions. 

Climate Investment Summit

Climate Investment Summit is set to be the biggest platform to reinforce viable green business models and public-private partnerships to accelerate investments required to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. The Summit takes place in partnership with the London Stock Exchange Group. 


Strategic Insights

We identify business opportunities in the green economy that can give your sector a competitive edge. Our approach includes developing comprehensive insights into global transition frameworks and industry-specific pathways that are pertinent to your sector. We map the crucial alliances and stakeholders integral to your impact journey, leading to recommended engagement strategies. Additionally, we offer tailored guidance on optimising your involvement in significant global events. 

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