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Leveraging our strengths in bringing together cross-sector stakeholders


The Global Biosecurity Network has been established as a response to the lack of preparedness, coordination and mobilisation of resources to tackle COVID-19. The pandemic has proven that despite a more-than-ever globalised world and an unprecedented level of cooperation on global issues, the risk of pandemics and potential consequences have been severely neglected and will prove an even larger challenge in the future if not properly approached. 


The Global Biosecurity Network is convening stakeholders across sectors to build public-private partnerships, coalitions and other instruments that can complement and strengthen collaboration and coordination from existing biosecurity initiatives. 

The initiative is currently incubated at the World Climate Foundation. The World Climate Foundation has 10 years of experience in facilitating large-scale collaboration between businesses, governments, financial institutions and civil society on formulating and designing markets and solutions for a clean and net-zero economy. In recent years the World Climate Foundation has expanded its operations to the biodiversity and biosecurity spheres. 

The Road to COP27 2022


Our annual Global Summits on climate, biodiversity and biosecurity bring opportunities for collaboration that cannot be missed. They provide international cross-sector dialogue on creating sustainable markets, partnerships on solutions and new investment opportunities. The Summits bring together key ideas and stakeholders, galvanising hearts and minds in helping shape the transition to a net-zero, nature positive and biosecure world 

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