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Driving Leadership for a Net-Zero Economy

Our climate community has grown throughout the last 13 years as our World Climate Summit has become a key platform for connecting markets with policies to flatten the climate curve. Stakeholders, consisting of members, partners and relevant guests, engage throughout the year on strategic issues in the area of climate change and climate finance. 


We grow the community by identifying key stakeholders in core industries, linked to Energy, Industry and Finance and assist partners throughout our roadmap to connect across the network.

Business Partners and Sponsors across various industries and sectors who demonstrate their strong leadership and innovations to advance climate action

Asset Managers and Asset Owners that are closely connected to the Climate Investment Coalition and contribute ambitious commitments and the latest insights into accelerating climate finance   


Government and Decision-Makers ranging from local to national levels who successfully drive the climate policy agenda


Influential Non-Governmental Organisations that actively contribute the latest expertise from their fields


Media Representatives from leading international newspapers, television, magazines and blogs invested in driving climate news reporting



Our stakeholder-driven coalitions, such as the Climate Investment Coalition, aim to be impactful collectives that stand together to lead the transition to a climate resilient future and drive green investments.

By frequently convening high-level stakeholders and fostering the creation of strong, action-oriented coalitions across public and private sectors, we are amplifying ambitions to fight climate change. 

In addition, we offer to connect our members and partners to existing coalitions and partnerships, such as the Marrakesch Partnership or help them engage in UNFCCC’s ‘Race to Zero’-campaign that will support them in their transition. 

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World Climate Foundation’s Climate Network hosts an unparalleled finance network through the Climate Investment Coalition (CIC). CIC engages with leading institutional investors, governments and other stakeholders in climate finance to mobilise unparalleled commitments for climate investments, and reporting and sharinge innovative best practices in climate finance.

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At COP26, the coalition announced US$130 billion from Nordic and UK pension funds, to be invested in clean energy and climate investments by 2030 and reported on annually.

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