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Opening Plenary Session

Making Global Progress on the Energy Transition

- Together Towards a Net-Zero Future

The global energy landscape is rapidly changing while the pressure to phase out fossil fuels is increasing with rising temperatures globally. Moving decarbonisation efforts forward will only be possible with a concerted effort. This session focused on how governments and businesses can team up to tackle the triple challenge. What can we expect from this year´s climate negotiations at COP28 and how can businesses join forces in “coalitions of the ambitious” to make sure there is significant advancement to achieve global climate goals? How is North America manifesting its leadership role in the long term? 


Samantha Gross

Director, Energy Security and Climate Initiative, Brookings Institution

Elfije Lemaitre (18) - Copy_edited.jpg

Elfije Lemaitre

Executive Vice President, Resources & Energy Transition, Capgemini


Faustine Delasalle

Vice-Chair & Executive Director, Energy Transitions Commision & Mission Possible Partnership


Dan Dorner 

Head of the Strategic Initiatives Office, IEA

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