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Janice Lin

Founder and President, Green Hydrogen Coalition

Janice Lin is the Founder and President of the Green Hydrogen Coalition and the Founder

and Chief Executive Officer of Strategen. She brings more than two decades of experience

in clean energy strategy, market development, and corporate strategy to Strategen. During

this time, she has advised a diverse range of clients including renewable energy

equipment manufacturers and service providers, large corporations diversifying into clean

energy, and real estate developers building sustainable communities.

Prior to founding Strategen in 2005, Janice held several senior management positions with

PowerLight Corporation (now SunPower Corporation), including Vice President of Product

Strategy and Vice President of Business Development. During her tenure at PowerLight,

Janice led initiatives in product and new market strategies, business development,

regulatory affairs, strategic partnerships, investor relations, and customer finance.

Janice holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, a BS from the

Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and a BA in International Relations from the

University of Pennsylvania’s College of Arts and Sciences. She is the winner of ESA's

2013 Phil Symons Energy Storage Award, and NAATBATT’s 2014 Market Development

Award and Cleanie 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Janice Lin
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