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World Climate Foundation at Climate Week NYC: Fostering Transatlantic Partnerships ahead of COP26

World Climate Forum North America

World Climate Forum North America took place last week as an official side event to Climate Week NYC, as the second Forum in the Forum series leading to COP26 in Glasgow.

On the road to COP26, World Climate Forum North America explored North America’s role in the net-zero transition, resulting in:

  • Action-oriented discussions delivered key action points and policy recommendations, best practices and successful strategies to accelerate the urgently needed net-zero transition in the United States and beyond.

  • Strengthened ambition loops through innovative energy policies, suitable framework conditions and investment models to accelerate a clean energy revolution this decade.

  • Clear best practices to build a more climate resilient infrastructure, showing that equity and resilience can go hand in hand.

  • Successful and growing cross-sector partnerships that are fostering transatlantic partnerships for the net-zero transition.

Check out all the engaging discussions!

Climate Investment Coalition

The Climate Investment Coalition held its pivotal U.S Track focused on strengthening transatlantic collaboration to:

  • Mobilise private capital for green energy through a co-hosted session at World Climate Forum North America.

  • Act as a key track of the Climate Investment Coalition on the road to COP26 to support building an international wave of climate investments towards 2030.

  • Successfully raise awareness of growing opportunities in climate and clean energy investments and business opportunities through transatlantic collaboration and cross-sector partnerships.

The session welcomed California Business Leader and Philanthropist, Tom Steyer, followed by a distinguished panel including Ceres, EKF Denmark’s Export Agency, Industriens Pension and ClimateWorks.

World Biodiversity Summit Part 1

Last week also marked the inaugural launch of the World Biodiversity Summit, through its pivotal event "Nature-Based Solutions, Finance and Regenerative Agriculture", presenting:

A crucial platform to build ambition loops in climate and biodiversity discussions and propel solutions to the biodiversity crisis.

Experts, policymakers, innovators and investors to tackle how to stimulate resilient food production and security to support global biodiversity.

Examples of how global food systems act as the primary driver of biodiversity loss and how to stimulate the transition towards resilient and nature-positive food systems to reduce pressure on biodiversity and the environment.

The panel discussion informed on several solution-based perspectives, namely regenerating nature through a circular economy and using the power of design to rethink food manufacturing and retailing models.


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